Student Government Association Stives to Increase Student Involvement

The Johnson State College Student Government Association (SGA) is pushing the growth of student involvement on campus and is hoping to see club participation numbers increase throughout both semesters.

Before the start of the fall semester, the SGA members set a goal to increase the number of club participants by 10 percent. To track this goal, SGA members will attend club meetings and count participants or cooperate with club leaders to get an exact count.

“Not only will this goal help the overall atmosphere of campus, but it will also give prospective students another reason to come to Johnson State College,“ said the SGA Director of Clubs Brittney Malik.


Brittney Malik

To help clubs gain members, the SGA has hosted several club information sessions for club leaders to attend and gain the knowledge they need to get their club up and running. Each information session has included presentations on the club approval process, event planning, the space request form, advertising, poster design and print requests.

“The club info sessions we held were an amazing success,” said Malik. “It was great to see all the people interested in getting involved on campus and wanting to start clubs. It’s super important that people who want to start a club on a topic they’re passionate about have access to the resources and information to get their idea up and running.”

The information sessions brought in students who were interested in starting a new club on campus along with familiar faces who represent clubs that have been around for years including Women’s Rugby and Outing Club.

“I thought the club info session was super helpful yet simple. Lots of information was gone over, but if you had more questions the SGA was happy to answer them,” said Outing Club President Caroline Hassan.

The SGA has approved 14 clubs so far this semester, including Dance Club, Men and Women’s Rugby Club, Women of the Wild, and Olympic Weightlifting. For clubs to be approved, the student leaders must write a constitution and mission statement that represents the club in full, and submit a signature page that includes the names of the clubs advisor and leaders.

Once approved, a club has access to SGA club funds that can be requested to host events on campus or assist in fundraising startups. Student organizations on campus that do not get club status will not be able to request space through the Conference and Events services on campus, which is another reason the SGA pushes groups to go through the approval process.

The SGA is striving to offer some form of activity or club that is attractive to students no matter their varying interests by the end of this year. To do this, the SGA plans to work with the Dean of Students office and other groups on campus like Student Led Activity Programming (SLAP) and intramurals.  
“Getting students involved with activities and clubs on campus is important to not only the image of our institution but to supporting the growth of the students that go here,” said Malik. “It gives the students a way to express themselves and participate in clubs and activities that they love to do. When students are doing what they love to do, it adds a whole new dynamic to campus life, and strengthens what people love about JSC.”

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SGA Budget 2016-2017

First thing first. Where does the money for the SGA budget come from? We are funded through the student activity fee. Because of this, we try to make sure each dollar we spend will have a direct positive impact on campus and the student body. The following is a breakdown of each of our line items and expenses, and how they impact individual students. Continue reading

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99 Problems and You can Solve One

Johnson State College Student Government Association (SGA) is kicking off a two-week campaign to communicate with the Johnson State College (JSC) students and learn about their concerns with campus life at the college. The campaign is called “99 Problems and You Can Solve One.” Continue reading

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We had a great year!

“I want students at Johnson State College to understand that we, the Student Government Association, is here for them and we will listen to what they would like to see happen on campus,” said Shavonna Bent newly elected President of the Student Government Association. “I don’t think that students on this campus quite understand what we are capable of doing.” Continue reading

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39th Annual Casino Night

The 39th Annual Johnson State College Casino Night to benefit the United Way of Lamoille County will be held on Friday March 11th at 8pm in the Stearns Dining Hall. The theme for the 2016 event is Disco Mania. CASNIGPull out your hot pants, spandex, bell bottoms, and puff up your hair because we’re throwing it way back for a good cause!

The United Way of Lamoille County’s mission is to grow a stronger and healthier community. To do this the non profit organization puts on several charitable events including a community food drive in partner with local post offices, and a firewood project where volunteers process fire wood for families to heat their homes come winter.

Last years Casino Night was a great success, and the college raised over $1000 for the United Way of Lamoille County.CN

Pre sale tickets will go on sale staring February 29th at $5 and will be sold through the next two weeks. Tickets will also be sold at the door at $7 a piece.

For more information contact or call (802)-635-1232

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Casino Night Theme Reveal Party

Casino Night.jpgThe Johnson State College Student Government Association will be hosting a reveal party to announce the theme of the 2016 Casino Night to benefit the United Way of Lamoille County. The event will run during late night hours.

This will be the 39th annual Casino Night that the college has hosted, and the SGA takes pride in planning the event starting in September up until the end in March. Continue reading

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SGA Member on VSCSA

IMG_6603Johnson State College SGA Senator Jacob Rogenski is the new chair of the Vermont State College Student Association (VSCSA).  Rogenski was elected as chair of the VSCSA in October and joins fellow JSC student and previous SGA President Benjamin Simone who is the Student Trustee. Continue reading

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7 Tips to Survive the End of the Semester

The end of the semester is near and we can almost taste the holiday season. Before we get a month off we do have to work our butts off! So here are some tips from the SGA to help you stay sane. Continue reading

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New Trail Signs Coming to Campus


The first Student Government Associations Senate project was approved at the SGA’s weekly meeting on Monday October 12th. Senator Brendan Walsh has proposed a project to create directional signs to the trail system behind the school to help benefit those who are unfamiliar with the trail system. Continue reading

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SGA Donates Money to help Save Popular Swimming Spot

The Johnson State College Student Government Association will donate $1,000 to a local swimming hole protected by the Town of Johnson, and the Vermont River Conservancy. Continue reading

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