SGA Grant

Click Here to complete the Mini-Grant Application

The purpose of the SGA Mini-Grant is to provide funds for individuals or groups to participate in opportunities such as, but not limited to; conferences, seminars, and workshops; which are not available on campus or through existing school programs.

Note: The monies received must be used for professional, educational and/or community development opportunities or be related to their career goals.

Eligibility : Any member of the student body (excluding EDP and graduate level students), as defined in Article I of the Johnson State College Student Government Association Constitution, may request SGA Mini-Grant funds. This Clause (Article I, Section I, Membership) states that a member includes, “all enrolled students at Johnson State College who have paid the student activities fee in the current semester.”

Note : Any group that is a line item within the Student Association budget cannot receive a SGA Mini-Grant.

The granting process can take several weeks; it is in the best interest of the applicant, to make the request at least 3 weeks before the funds are needed.

The applicant is expected to attend a Finance Committee Meeting or with two SGA Senators to discuss the request prior to the application being sent to the SGA Weekly Meeting for approval.


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