SGA Grant

Click Here to complete the Mini-Grant Application

The purpose of the SGA Mini-Grant is to provide funds for individuals or groups to participate in opportunities such as, but not limited to; conferences, seminars, and workshops; which are not available on campus or through existing school programs.

Note: The monies received must be used for professional, educational and/or community development opportunities or be related to their career goals.

Eligibility : Any member of the student body (excluding EDP and graduate level students), as defined in Article I of the Johnson State College Student Government Association Constitution, may request SGA Mini-Grant funds. This Clause (Article I, Section I, Membership) states that a member includes, “all enrolled students at Johnson State College who have paid the student activities fee in the current semester.”

Note : Any group that is a line item within the Student Association budget cannot receive a SGA Mini-Grant.

The granting process can take several weeks; it is in the best interest of the applicant, to make the request at least 3 weeks before the funds are needed.

The applicant is expected to attend a Finance Committee Meeting or with two SGA Senators to discuss the request prior to the application being sent to the SGA Weekly Meeting for approval.


Submit request by Tuesday at noon for consideration that week.



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