SGA’s Fight for Higher Education Funding

During the weekly SGA meeting on Monday, March 20, 2017, State Representative Dan Noyes and Matt Hill joined the SGA in discussing funding for the Vermont State Colleges.

Both Noyes and Hill are graduates of Johnson State College and noted that they will always work to support the institution and its students.

Hill introduced bill H122 at the beginning of the current legislative session. The bill, sponsored by 26 of his colleagues, proposes to increase the annual appropriation for Vermont State Colleges by $4,000,000.00 in the fiscal year 2018.

SGA President Shavonna Bent has been leading the SGA’s efforts to call representatives and urge them to support this bill, and so far the push has been working.

“People started coming to me and knew I had the bill because you guys had called them. That was great, so keep up the good work!” said Hill.

SGA members also discussed the importance of the local colleges and why they are vital to Vermonters.

” I grew up in Danville, right near Lyndon State College, and I just think it’s very important to have these state colleges for students who look at the high prices of colleges and think that it’s impossible to afford an education,” said SGA Senator Brady Rainville. “I think that students who wouldn’t normally continue their education, are only continuing because of the state colleges.”

The bill will be voted on in committee on Friday, March 24 at the Vermont State House.

“The bill itself may not come out of committee at all, but it may spark conversation, and many positive things could come out of it,” said Hill admitting that the bill is a lofty request, but he is willing to continuing the conversation around funding for higher education in Vermont no matter the outcome this Friday.






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