First Aid needed!

A rugby team without a First Aid kit is like a dance club without music — yet our rugby clubs have been practicing without a proper First Aid kit for years. Luckily, SGA Senator and Rugby Club President Micah Hayes spent last semester focusing his time on purchasing a decent kit for the clubhouse.aMicah

Hayes, who came to Johnson to play rugby, was elected as a senator last April and has been a key leader of the rugby team during his first two years here at JSC.

“It’s a rough sport, and I’ve had a couple of rough seasons,” said Hayes.

His injury list from the last two years of rugby includes a separated shoulder, a split eyelid and a broken ankle. All of his injuries and trips to Copley Hospital made Hayes start to realize the teams would benefit greatly from a First Aid kit.

As the JSC men and women’s rugby clubs are recognized by the SGA as official college clubs, the entire SGA supported Hayes in his project to purchase a complete First Aid kit that will live in the rugby clubhouse, and not a single SGA member doubted the importance of the kit.

12132558_10153854536373974_1462732732399984801_oWhen I split my eyelid at a Mad River practice (in Stowe), they had a first aid kit, but it wasn’t complete. They didn’t have butterfly sutures or medical-grade glue that could have sealed up the wound,” said Hayes.
Hayes spent a little over $100 of SGA money for the new First Aid Kit that is filled with bandages, gauze wrap, cold compresses, scissors, tweezers, painkillers, ointments, and gloves. The rugby clubs will be responsible for replenishing the kits when items start to run out in the future.

Looking forward, the rugby clubs are working to set up a First Aid class with Cambridge EMT’s so members of the club can be certified to help when injuries occur.


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