New Year, New Club

The step-by-step guide on how to start a new club at Johnson State College.

Take control of your social life and start a club based on your interests and passions!

rugbyFirst, read through the Club Handbook to learn the ins and outs of what clubs are all about.

Then, find seven friends and classmates to join your club. From that group, select the leaders of your club. Make sure your fellow officers are responsible and committed to the club.

Next, start writing the club’s constitution and mission statement. These are significant documents that members of the SGA will use in determining whether the club will be approved. (See page 10 in the Club Handbook for specifics)

Then, submit the Club Recognition Form online that includes member information and a place to upload your clubs constitution and mission statement.

After you have filled out the appropriate forms, the SGA will review the application and vote on the approval status of the club. This is the stage when revisions or rewrites to your constitution may be suggested.

crossFinally, once the club is approved make sure all the leaders of the club visit the SGA office in Stearns to sign the club’s signature page.

From there, you and your club can start meeting, planning events and fundraising.

The SGA is available to assist anyone who is interested in starting a new club on campus.


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