8 Ways to crush the end of the semester

So you’ve made it this far, and now there are only three weeks left in the semester. We want to see you all succeed through finals, so here are our top tips for survival for the end of the semester.

1. Do your assignments ahead of schedule or on time!

Nothing is worse than all of your assignment piling up and you pushing them aside. Do your work ahead of time, so you can breathe in between papers and exams.

2. Stay social!

Right, but aren’t we supposed to hide in the WLLC and crank out all of our assignments? Yes, but you should also still be finding time for fun. Watch Christmas movies with your friends or decorate your dorm so it looks festive with your roommate. Students who have fun and interact with other on a regular basis do better in college than those who stay to themselves and only focus on academics.

3. Seek out help!

If you’re struggling in a class, go get help. Academic support services offers free tutoring Sunday-Wednesday nights, 7-9pm in their office in Dewey. They offer assistance in math, science and writing. The coaches are students who excel in these subjects and understand what each professor is looking for.

Also, go to your professor’s office hours. They are there to help you!

4. Look at the mountains!

We have the most beautiful campus. When we get busy, we can forget to look out our window. Take a stroll over the Dewey and the south lawn and just stare at the mountains. It will help you feel grounded.

5. Snacks!

Dewey is the place to be for free food. There are tons of snacks in the office of first-year experience. From goldfish to candy and juice boxes they’ll have something for you to snack on. The academic support services office also has free food every day, plus at the beginning of every month, they have a huge sheet cake made to celebrate birthdays.

And of course, the library staff gives away crunch bars when it’s “crunch time” at the end of each semester.

6. Exercise!

Have you been to the gym lately? All of the cardio equipment has been updated and is brand new! If you’re not into working out at the gym, there’s still outdoor opportunities to get your heart rate going. Both Stowe Mountain and Smugglers Notch are open for the season, and they both offer student rates. Go out to the mountain to blow off some steam! It’s also still fun to hike this time of year – be careful, wear warm clothes and something orange in case hunters are around.

7. Treat yo’ self!

So you finished the 15 page paper on human cells, treat yo’ self! Take two hours off and watch Gilmore Girls.

8. Remind yourself that it’s worth it

College is hard, and we are all struggling through it, but it will be worth it. Our degrees will get us jobs and get us closer to our dreams, whatever they may be! Plus, at the end of finals week is a month-long break at home where we have no assignments until we come back in January.

Good luck!


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